Pink Room Therapy Designs

You may be asking, what is Pink Room Therapy Designs?

Back in 2007, we converted an under-utilized room in our house to my craft space.  I had been introduced to rubber stamping in 2006 and was head over heels with this new hobby of mine.  When I ultimately decided on a paint color, I chose Razzle Dazzle from Benjamin Moore {one of those little factoids stuck in the back of my brain} — a pretty hot pink without being obnoxious.  My kids would often say I was in “mommy’s pink room.” Hence, the Pink Room.

It was also when our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  She was only 18 months old and our world was tipped on its head.  We had to re-learn how to care for her with a 365/24/7 chronic and serious disease.   Sitting in my beautiful pink room, creating cards and crafting was essential to my mindset at the end of the day.  Hence, the Therapy.

The therapy role came up again in 2011 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  By this point, I was actively blogging and doing design work for stamp companies.  Throughout my treatment (chemotherapy, surgeries and radiation), I created and crafted, taking away some of the fear and pain of a cancer diagnosis.  

Thankfully, both my daughter and I are healthy.  My daughter is a beautiful 10 year old, who shows incredible bravery every day in dealing with her Type 1 diabetes.  We often craft, create and color together.  We can only hope that the projects that bring smiles to our faces, bring smiles to the faces of the recipients.

Each item you see in my store is created by me, by hand.  I cut my own card stock.  I stamp my images.  I color them by hand.  I crank die cuts through a manual die-cutting machine.  I carefully select the embellishments to add that special detail to the completed project.  Although I can create multiple items of the same design, no two items are absolutely identical.  The trademark of a handcrafted item.

This is Pink Room Therapy Designs.

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