Shop Safely With ShopperShield™:
ShopOnMain's Ultimate Buyer Protection

Bringing together small local stores from all over the country has one major advantage for you, as the shopper: a safer, more convenient buying experience. See how keeping the entire ordering experience here on one site keeps you safer:

Buy From As Many Stores As You Want With One Check Out

See something you love in NYC, San Francisco, even a little store in Kentucky? Only on ShopOnMain can you:

  • Add them all to your cart, and buy items from stores all over the country all at once
  • Save time by checking out only once - no getting out your card and entering the number over and over
  • That's one purchase, one transaction - no matter how many stores you're purchasing from!

Peace Of Mind: Your Credit Card Information Is Kept Secure And Confidential

Making purchases from multiple, small stores all over the country (even online) used to mean a greater risk to your credit card security. But not any more.

  • ShopOnMain employs some of the tightest, most advanced shopping security found online, so your transactions are safe and secure
  • Your financial information is NOT passed on to the individual businesses you're purchasing from
  • Your information stays safely behind our ShopperShield™, no matter how many individual businesses you purchase from!

Serious Shopper Protection: Have A Problem? We'll Make It Right

If ever there's an issue with an order placed on ShopOnMain, you don't have to worry.

  • ShopperShield™ includes our dispute resolution guarantee: if the merchant can't make it right, we will.
  • Even if we have to absorb a loss in order to issue a refund or have a product re-shipped, we will. Not all smaller businesses can afford to provide this level of service
  • We give you one point of contact, no matter how many stores you've ordered from

ShopOnMain's ShopperShield™ is the safest, most secure and convenient way to buy from small businesses all over the country. We help you have your cake and eat it, too - find one of a kind items you'll love, support real, local businesses, and enjoy the safety and convenience of secure online shopping. It doesn't get much better!