A Brand New Online Shopping Experience

The internet has revolutionized the way we buy things. Never before in human history has it been so easy and convenient to find and buy things we know we want.

Still, there's something missing.

The internet hasn't (yet) provided an enjoyable shopping experience. You know, the kind you have when you explore a store you've never been to before, maybe on a lazy Saturday. When you just browse, wander... and suddenly discover something new and wonderful that you didn't know you couldn't live without.

An Experience That's Good For Communities, Too

Internet buying has (so far) had one drawback - the convenience of buying online has made it hard for local stores to compete. People who would gladly "shop local" aren't given the opportunity because the bigger websites don't like to spotlight the individual sellers on their platforms. And local stores just don't always show up when you're searching for items they might carry, because search results are weighted in favor of larger websites.

Until now.

ShopOnMain: Explore, Discover, Connect

So ShopOnMain has some pretty big goals:

1. We're building a "Destination Shopping Experience For Your Screen." No matter where you are (and any time of the day or night) you'll be able to explore and discover great local shops all over the country.

2. We're building a platform that connects people. Business owners who are passionate about what they sell (and who they sell to) love providing personalized service. Here, you'll discover how it feels to be "spoiled" by that kind of service.

3. We're giving local communities a "level playing field." People will no longer have to choose between the convenience of buying online and the good feeling of supporting local communities. Because purchases made here don't benefit some multi-billion-dollar corporation. Every single one goes to a real business that supports it's local community by providing jobs and paying local taxes. It's a win-win all around.

Will You Be A Part Of This Revolution?

Whether you're a shopper who can't wait to discover new stores, or a business owner who can't wait to connect with new shoppers, we hope you'll join us!

Click on the search bar up top to begin exploring the shops in different towns. And if you're a store owner who'd like to be listed, visit our Merchant's Page here.

Happy Shopping!