Paws Pet Boutique

Paws Pet Boutique was born out of necessity with the desire to create a line of dog treats that pets with food allergies could enjoy. Many of our K9 family suffer from the same food allergies that we humans do. Many of the "natural" treats on the market contain preservatives and other ingredients, such as wheat, which may cause severe allergic reactions in our K9 companions.

Owner, Ruth Kiser, is dedicated to her vision of creating healthy all-natural dog treats through K9 Confections, which specializes in premium and all-natural dog and cat treats that contain no added salt or sugar, artificial flavorings, fillers or preservatives. All of our products are free of wheat, corn and soy, and made with the highest-quality human-grade ingredients. Our treats are "Paw Made", baked fresh everyday and hand-packed. Our K9 treats will stay fresh for months, but we assure you, the treats won't stay in the bag that long! Just ask Niko & Rex, the owner's two German Shepherds that were rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, NY. They taste test every product!

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