Natural Blue Lace Agate Bracelet & Earring Set - Sterling Silver-Filled, Wedding Jewelry Sets

By: Handcrafted by Miranda

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Natural Blue Lace Agate Bracelet & Earring Set - Sterling Silver-Filled, Wedding Jewelry Sets, Crystal Healing, Calms Anxiety 

This jewelry set is made of natural pale blue and white Blue Lace Agate gemstone chips. The elastic Power Bracelet is made with doubled, super durable elastic floss, strung with medium to large sized chips of Blue Lace Agate stones and a single small Sterling Silver beaded rondelle. The earrings consist of six Blue Lace Agate chips, wire wrapped with Sterling Silver-Filled wire and linked up together to form beautiful, lightweight gemstone chains that dangle from Silver-Filled ear wire.

This elastic bracelet fits most women's wrists up to 7 inches in circumference. 

Earrings measure approximately 2 1/2 inches long and are very light-weight and easy on the ears.

* I made this set as a part of my Bridal Collection - these beautiful gemstone accessories can be the Bride's "something Blue."

Blue Lace Agate inspires loyalty and trustworthiness. It is a support crystal for all caregivers, calming stress-related situations and overcoming communication difficulties. Carry or wear Blue Lace Agate if you struggle to express your emotions without getting upset. This stone encourages a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. It promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. It is a great crystal to use during pregnancy. Agate also helps new mothers avoid the "baby blues" sometimes experienced after giving birth.

This item will arrive packaged in a small black gift box.

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