Plastic Shower Caddy Mini Shopping Tote by CRESBI

By: Sun Sugar Farms

Product Description

The Mini or "Baby" CRESBI is the perfect way to get your child involved in using reusable containers while grocery shopping with their own pint-sized crate! Also great for shopping at makeup stores, drugstores, hardware stores or other places where you just need a few small things but don't want another store bag! Or use with the CRESBI Bottle Divider for clink-free adult beverage carrying. Can also be used in combination with other bags like the Sling Chico Bag (the compact reusable lightweight nylon shopping bag made from 99% recycled content) from the Green Umbrella Organization. Just insert the collapsed crate into the bag, open it up and now you have a hard sided container for keeping your fruit bruise-free!

Guaranteed to hold up to 10 pounds.
Made of durable polypropylene.
Approximately 12" long x 8" wide x 6" high when open.
Dimensions collapsed are 12"x8"x2"

For compact storage they fold into their rim when not in use; buy two and stack them! It's the only CRESBI that comes with matching plastic handles but these can be removed and the CRESBI strap attached to the handle holes for carrying over your shoulder. Also great for apple orchards or you-pick farms - call Linda at 888.883.7259 or email for quantity discount pricing!


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