Pinnacle Probiotic

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Product Description

New Recommendation! Coverage For Your Entire Digestive Tract

If you want all the benefits a probiotic can offer, you need one that colonizes your entire digestive tract1. No gaping holes in the coverage!

Why You Want It

As you begin taking a Probiotic supplement, billions of good bacteria move into your small and large intestines. Day after day they're joined by billions more. And the bad bacteria will have no room to live, so before long you'll have that optimal ratio of good flora.

Why This Is a Better Choice

Pinnacle Probiotic™ Has You Covered - Completely!

Contains Strains From All 5 Genera2:

Genus: Bifidobacterium

  • B. Bifidum – Boosts immune system response and is one of the most dominant bacterium found in the intestinal system of humans. – 1.0 billion CFU
  • B. Lactis – Could help decrease the “bad bacteria” H. pylori. Strengthens immune health. – 1.0 billion CFU
  • B. Longum - Can minimize allergies, promote healthy cholesterol levels, and defend against colon cancer. – 500 million CFU

Genus: Lactobacillus

  • L. Acidophilus – Promotes regular bowel movements, ensures proper absorption of nutrients, and might also support vaginal health. – 1.0 billion CFU
  • L. Casei – Helps anyone lactose sensitive or intolerant digest lactose. Could benefit patients with Crohn's disease. – 500 million CFU
  • L. Rhamnosus - Can be useful in boosting natural immunity; supports Urinary Tract health. – 500 million CFU
  • L. Brevis – Plays an important role in the synthesis of Vitamin D and Vitamin K. – 500 million CFU
  • L. Plantarium – Acts as a barrier in the gut to keep disease-causing bacteria from penetrating the intestinal lining. May help with symptoms of IBS or Crohns disease. – 500 million CFU
  • L. Salivarius - Acts as a fast-acting bowel cleanser, especially for diverticulitis pockets. – 500 million CFU

Genus: Saccharomyces

  • S. boulardii – May help with symptoms of diarrhea, IBS, colitis, or Inflammable Bowel Disease. May also help with food allergies. – 500 million CFU

Genus: Lactococcus

  • L. Lactis – Can be helpful for symptoms of Crohn’s disease. – 1.0 billion CFU

Genus: Streptococcus

  • S. thermophilus - Supports immune health. May help anyone lactose intolerant digest milk. – 1.0 billion CFU

Plus a Prebiotic3 to Stimulate The Growth And Maintenance Of Your Healthy New Flora!

Pinnacle Probiotic™ is the ONLY product with this exclusive formula!

Are There Side Effects?

Probiotics are considered safe.

Probiotics have been known to cause gas and bloating when first used. They don't appear to cause illness but more studies are needed on the safety of probiotics in young children, the elderly, and people who have weak immune systems.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any nutritional supplement.

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