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Travel in style with this trendy handmade leather shoulder handbag and tote. Handcrafted in New York City, this leather shoulder handbag has been custom handcrafted in scrupulous detail for strength, durability and beauty. The exterior is made from distressed leather which adds character and charm. The interior is spacious and roomy to hold everything you need when you are away from home. It is stylish enough to take to the office and functional enough for everyday use. Whether you are running out to a meeting or making a trip to the grocery store, this handmade bag will be your trusted companion as you move throughout your day. It is a limited edition Nadira Bag design. Order today.
Passion and love. 
<<Dimensions:16 inch wide/14.5 inch tall and 4 inch on the side.
<<Pockets: one pocket outside with buckle closer and an internal zipped one.
<<Shoulder strap and you can order it with a side strap to wear your bag across the body.
This bag can be made in any size and any further feature you want.
>>> Bags are made to order and in order to give you the best quality, it will take approximately one-two weeks to be made and shipped.

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