Forged in…history.

Downtown Beloit is very much a neighborhood, where customers are friends and culture and art are accessible to all.

Beloit has experienced a true renaissance in the past 20 years. With over 160 businesses that make up Downtown Beloit’s Main Street the town has been a Wisconsin Main Street Community since 1988.

A small town with an urban flair, Beloit celebrates the arts in all its forms and gives a warm nod to an industrial past. Hugging the banks of the Rock River just north of the Illinois border, the district boasts over 120 hanging baskets and urns on tree-lined streets, bike paths and a public canoe/kayak launch to encourage walking, biking and skating, as well as quiet, no-wake water sports. Home to Beloit College, the spirit of progressive learning and culture is evident throughout the district.

Beloit is currently in the top 10 in the Best Shopping On Main competition! (Vote for them Here) However, none of the shops in Beloit have signed up for their listing here yet. If you'd like to see shops from Beloit, contact their Chamber of Commerce and let them know!